Summer Classes Registration

WELCOME to our Summer Community Classes Registration Page!

Here, you will find what we are offering. Including the class schedule, cost, age group for each class and maximum of students. If a class becomes full. Your child will be placed on a wait list and another class may be created. If your child is one year older or younger than the age recommendation they are welcome to come :) we ask that a parent attend with their child the first time if they are one year younger than the age recommendation.

These classes are being offered in North Orem. Exact location is given at the time of registration. Some of our mentors are willing to travel. If you or someone you know would like to host a class, please email Marlene Fletcher directly for more info at

Here’s a sneak peek of our summer classes. To take a closer look, visit each of our mentor’s class page!

ACT Prep (ages 13+)
Casey  Christensen

Beginning Spanish (ages 8+)
Viviana Alonso

Showtime (ages 8+)
Viviana Alonso

Puppetry Workshop (ages 8+)
Teresa Gashler

Storytelling (ages 8+)
Stephen Gashler

Art Fun with the Masters (ages 8+)
Stephen & Teresa Gashler

Fidget Spinners (ages 8+)
Andy & Joseph Huff

Legos, Robotics, & More (ages 8+)
Danielle Huff

Design Challenge (ages 8+)
Andy Huff & Joseph Huff

Youth Sports Camps (ages 8-14)
Michael Hilleshiem

r.a.d.KIDS (ages 4-12)
Marlene Fletcher

Improv (ages 14+)   
Melissa Price

LifeStory Transformation (ages 14+)
Melissa Price

Constellations (13-93)
Tresta Neil 

HydroScience (ages 8-88)
Tresta Neil

Financial Funk to Financial Fun (ages 13+)
Lily Herrmann — more info coming soon


Build your own Bundle with Cami Isle in the following classes. The more classes you choose the BIGGER discount. Siblings are a plus so they get a discount too :) Click on the bold titles of each course for descriptions of each class.

Nature Studies                                                            Building and Engineering
The Solar System                                                                      Catapults & Card Castles
Weather/Water Cycle                                                                   Bridges and Boxes
Insects                                                                                              Marbles & Mazes
Human Body                                                                                   Dominoes & Demolition
Volcanoes                                                                                         Airplanes & Arrows
Earthquakes                                                                                    Helicopters & Houses
Oceans                                                                                              Pinwheels & Parachutes
Rocks, Minerals, Geology                                                           Rockets & Rollercoasters

Hands on Science                                                                  Cooking Classes
Slime                                                                                                  Breadsticks
Eruptions & Explosions                                                                  Pizza
Experiments with Color                                                                  Cookies
Candy Science                                                                                   Candy Making (Oreo truffles)