What radKIDS® Does

radKIDS® is a child safety empowerment program, where your child is not only taught how to be safe, but trained with simulations with each principle that is taught. This hands on experience empowers them to know how to be safe. Have a plan in place, so they can change their fear into power and live safer in our world today. This course also includes self defense skills training by certified radKIDS instructors. These skills will be put to practice as they use them in a simulated potential abduction (by a certified radKIDS instructor) at our graduation. Your child will be empowered with the skills to defend themselves, run and get help with a simulated 911 call.

This course also includes:

  • Bully Safety                                       
  • Pool Safety
  • Internet Safety                                 
  • Out & About Safety
  • Phone Safety                                     
  • Home Safety  
  • Vehicle Safety                                   
  • Fire Safety                               
  • Bike Safety                                       
  • Dog Safety
  • Store Safety – who’s the safest person to ask for help if they’re lost
  • What’s the difference between drugs and medicine
  • How to call 911
  • Run & Tell

Your child will also receive a graduation certificate which includes a photo and fingerprint. Your family will also receive a family safety manual. Everything that is taught in this course is in this manual. This is a great book to review these safety skills with your entire family. 


Upcoming Courses

Course 1

Monday, September 28th – Thursday, Oct 1st — 12:30 – 2:00

Friday, Oct 2nd — 2:30 – 4:00 GRADUATION


Course 2

Monday, Octber 5th – Thursday, Oct 8th — 12:30 – 2:00

Friday, Oct 9th — 2:30 – 4:00 GRADUATION


Participation Fee – $40

For a limited time only we are offering this discounted rate. This course is for 5 days. Each day is 1 ½ hrs

My Tech High – If your child is enrolled with My Tech High, you may be reimbursed for the participation fee of $35, which would make this course FREE. Submit this as you would for any PE course.


Location – North Orem

Once you have registered and paid the participation fee you will receive location information.



Before registering, please consider every parent is required to volunteer at least twice in their child’s course. Please make sure you’re able to commit to this. Every parent is welcome to join us every day :)


To Register

Please make sure you choose the correct Course.

Course 1 begins next week, 9/28 – 10/2

Course 2 is 10/5 – 10/9

Registration has closed 

Orientation – Saturday, September 26th @ 2:00 PM

I’ll briefly explain the course description, graduation, volunteer commitment and answer any questions. Once you’ve registered your child/children, I’ll send you the link to join me live online for this orientation. You may also join us by phone.  


Local Classes

Marlene Fletcher is a certified radKIDS® instructor has been working with Northridge Elementary leading and teaching radKIDS® courses for the past 5 years and has instructed over 1,000 children. This year, she brought radKIDS® to the homeschool community and is planning to continue providing this valuable program. For more information, please contact Marlene at (801) 472-6033. You can also visit the official website here: http://www.radkids.org/.