New to Homeschooling

New to Homeschooling

Congratulations on your choice to homeschool! I know this has been a process as you consider your child’s/children’s education. There are many reasons why families choose to homeschool. Whatever your reason may be, we hope you feel welcomed, inspired, empowered and most of all supported in your personal journey. Below are a few FREE resources to help you get started. For more wonderful resources, visit our Resources Page


WHEN (Wasatch Home Educators Network) – click here

WHEN is one of the largest online networks for the homeschool community. Here, you will find discounted field trips, social events, academic events and much, much more. If you’re concerned about your child’s/children’s social opportunities or would like them to still be able to participate in things like Spelling Bees, Science Fairs, etc. This is the place to be.



Podcast Interview with The Luminous Mind – click here

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Don’t know what to expect the first year. Here’s a quick, less than 30 minute interview with The Luminous Mind. I talk about the benefits of homeschooling, what to expect the first year, the importance of taking care of you, how to have fun with homeschooling because it’s not just about academics, but a way of life. An amazing opportunity to foster a love for learning inside and outside of our home. Connecting with our children. Helping them discover their greatness!


Getting Started, Must Reads

Families who decide to take their children out of public school, their greatest concern is, what curriculum or teaching method should I use? This is going to look different for each family. May you consider first how does your child learn? What is their personality type. Understanding this first will help you discover what curriculum you will consider. Remember, homeschooling is a process. You learn as you go. Take the good and let the rest go. Don’t over commit yourself with purchasing a year long curriculum the first year. This is the time to connect with your children, figure stuff out, learn how to integrate homeschooling as a way of life and discover your child’s learning style, personality type, talents and interests. May you also consider your why. Why did you decide to homeschool? Have this be your guide as you look at all of your options. Here are a few suggested reads to get you started.



Free Writing Template – click here

This is a great writing template that you can custom build for your child/children. I love it because it offers landscape for the little ones to draw their pictures and with someone’s help trace a couple of words. For the older elementary age children, they can type what they want to write and learn cursive at the same time. It also has options with arrows to show proper form.



Seek Support

Find families who homeschool that live nearby. Join a support group. Start up a park day or moms night out. Join a co-op, network and ask your questions. Chances are we all had the same questions at one time or another. Sharing and learning from each other will help you get through those difficult moments, overcome loneliness or helplessness and celebrate you! Too often, we are hard on ourselves. Connecting with other homeschooling families can alleviate a lot of your stress and concerns as you come to know … it’s a process. What you’re experiencing is normal. Millions of families homeschool. You are not alone. You got this! Take it one day at a time .. and a year or two from now you’ll be placing your arms around someone, cheering them on. Saying, “You can do this!”


We are here to help. Have a question? Visit our Contact Page, submit your questions and I will email or call you depending on what contact info you provide. Remember to join one of our Facebook groups to instantly meet families that live in your area and check out our Resources Page to see what other networks, programs, free resources are available.