Entrepreneurship Fair

Brought to you by: Lori Uresk & Tara Eyre

kids fair

When: Friday, October 13th
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Where: Scera Park

COME JOIN THE FAMILY FUN (Everyone’s Invited)
For those who have not attended this event, which grows bigger every year, your kids are invited to make or bring things to sell. They can even offer a service. In previous years we have had homemade jewelry, cupcakes, candy, fingernails polished, balloon hats, homemade crayons, a fish pond, toys that kids wanted to get rid of, foam swords, bookmarks, fairy houses, dolls, doll sewing kits, notebooks, games, books, audio books, scarfs, chalk hair painting, wands, barrettes, bows, holiday decorations, autographed balls, sports equipment, magnets, slippers, puzzles, necklaces, wooden toys, animal petting station, angry birds, and lots more. The only limit is your child’s imagination! Just know that these are kids buying from kids so keep that in mind when pricing things.