Each month The Homeschool Support Group provides support through informative classes and a chance to meet other homeschoolers just like you! We have a wide range of parents who attend, from I’m thinking about homeschooling to second generation homeschoolers. With color coded name tags, we make it easy to connect with families in your area. Here are some of our previous classes and what’s coming next:


Thursday, March 25th: Getting to Know You    register_button

The Homeschool Support Group is meeting next Friday night (MARCH 25th) in OREM at 7:00 PM to organize support groups for the following areas.

South of Provo, ProvoOrem – American Fork, Lehi – AlpineSaratoga Springs – Eagle Mountain North of the Point of the Mountain

We will be announcing our NEW CONTENT DIRECTOR for FAMILY SUPPORT. This is going to be AMAZING as Tresta Neil and I will have more TIME to move forward in our goals to provide TRAINING, and VARIOUS RESOURCES for HOMESCHOOL LEADERS.

At this meeting we will be discussing how the Homeschool Support Group can

  • Provide monthly meetings in the above areas [we know for some it is difficult to travel sometimes, so we’re bringing our support to you]
  • Provide the FREE classes you want. We want to hear what FREE classes you’d like. This can be anything from homeschooling, parenting, business, financial, family life – organizing, developing you, etc.
  • Create a directory by the specific above areas that will only be used to collaborate field trips, mom’s night outs, monthly gatherings, teen activities, etc.
  • Kim Goates (New Director – Distance Education) at Canyon Grove will be available to answer your questions about their new distance education program. For more info, click here.   
  • Have you heard? A NEW Utah County Youth Council is being formed. Videos on our website will be posted tomorrow with more info.
  • Training on our NEW statewide calendar. Be in the know of what’s happening in your area all in one location
  • Get to know you :) what are you passionate about? Do you want to teach? We know there are so many talented moms & dads out there. Some of you have already discovered your personal life mission. We want to give you the opportunity to share it with others. Support you in reaching your personal goals.        
  • — Our children will learn more about following their dreams by us, (their parents) living  our life with passion. Pursuing our aspirations and taking time to create the things we want in life.
  • — Still have small children and feel like you’re barely surviving :) NO WORRIES  :) Remember there is a time and season for all things in life. Your feedback and collaboration with this Friday’s mtg will help us  get off to a great start of providing the FREE classes you want and need. We have a wealth of knowledgeable, talented homeschool leaders who want to help.
  • Support You — Share your ideas, wants and needs. If you are already a member of a support group or are the leader, please connect with us. We’d love to connect you with families who are looking for support.   register_button








Previous Classes

Thursday, February 18th: Education Fair & Leader Appreciation Dinner

For more information about this event, please visit our events page.

Education Fair 2016

Leadership Appreciation Dinner 2016


Friday, January 15th: Ask a Homeschool Dad Panel



We’ve put together a panel of five awesome homeschool dads — from a variety of homeschooling situations — to answer YOUR questions about homeschooling from the father’s perspective.

Friday, January 15
7:30 to 9:30 pm
Lehi, UT (address given at registration)

FREE but RSVP required

Whether you are a …

  • a homeschool mom wondering how to get your husband more involved
  • or a homeschool dad wondering if your kids will turn out normal
  • or on the fence about homeschooling and just want to hear how it really works
  • or you just want to rub shoulders with some amazing fathers who happen to come from homeschooling families …

This is an evening you won’t want to miss!

Parking & Location: for instructions click here

Please RSVP to help us prepare for how many will attend.

As always, The Homeschool Support Group is here to help you feel inspired and empowered as a homeschooler. Join us on Friday, January 15, to connect with homeschooling families in your area and to kick off the new year with enthusiasm, creativity, and unity.


Thursday, November 12th: From Survive to THRIVE

The Homeschool Support Group is excited about our November Monthly Mtg. With back to back FREE classes that will inspire & empower you.

When: November 12th @ 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Where: George Mueller Academy – Center for Educational Liberty  [121 East State Street . Lehi . UT]

Parking & Location: for instructions click here

Cost: FREE

From Survive to THRIVE! — ToriAnn Perkey

You started out strong with stars in your eyes. Then October came, and the reality of homeschool hit — long days, messy house, fighting siblings, and overwhelming moments of fear that you are “ruining your kids.”

Do not despair!

There is HOPE!

Join me in this free class as I share secrets that will help you lift your head and press forward with courage. Your choice to homeschool is noble, and your kids are worth the effort! Come learn how to be a THRIVING homeschooling mom who is confident every day!

Joy = Living in the Present, Letting Go — Marlene Fletcher

With the holidays quickly approaching. It’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of shopping, parties, family gatherings & traditions. For some this can be a joyous time of year and others the most stressful.

Living in the Present and Letting Go .. easier said than done? Right …

Or is it?

There is joy to be had this holiday season! Come, experience for yourself the peace and tranquility we’ll create with relaxation techniques and understanding “Body Talk”. As we honor ourselves, we can let go, live in the present and cultivate in our hearts and homes true peace & joy.

We look forward to seeing you there!

This will be our last meeting of the year as we gear up for 2016. Bringing in the New Year with a BANG for our 2016 Homeschool Support Group Education Fair.


Tuesday, 9/8/2015 – 9/14, 2015, Monday: Meet & Greet

We are hosting several FREE online video conferences for everyone living South of Provo – North of the Point of the Mountain in Utah from Tuesday, September 8th – Monday September 14th.

If you’re new to homeschooling – you won’t want to miss this. If you’d like to meet homeschooling families that live near you – come join us! With fall quickly approaching and winter around the corner, that means cold and flu season will be upon us which equals stir crazy! Let’s get together, make new friends while the weather is still nice.

Please choose the session with the city/area that is closest to you. This should be the same area you have already joined us by Facebook. If you haven’t joined one of our Facebook groups yet, please visit our website and click on the link of which group you’d like to join.

Here’s to making new friends and another successful homeschool year!


Monday, 8/10/2015 – 8/15, 2015, Saturday: Getting To Know You

Looking for a consistent monthly gathering with specific topics to address your common concerns about homeschooling? Wanting to connect with other homeschoolers in your area?

This is the place – Homeschool Support Group August Monthly Mtg via Zoom (live video conference).

Join us via Zoom (video conference) as we LISTEN to your concerns and announce our new direction and FREE services. We hope these changes may bring our support worldwide and provide the kind of support new homeschoolers need and not so new with the motivation & confidence “YES, YOU CAN”.


There are several sessions to choose from. There are only 25 spots available per session. If your session with the area you live in is booked, please feel free to register for a different session. We have divided the areas with the highest known population of homeschoolers in Juab County – SLC, UT. These LIVE sessions are intended for you to meet homeschooling families in your area. If the session in your area isn’t convenient for you to attend, please feel free to sign up for any session. This is one of many future sessions. As we establish each area with strong consistent support, we will bring our mission to nearby surrounding areas. If you’d like to start something like this in your area, (inside/outside of Utah or anywhere for that matter) please express your interest by clicking on our contact tab of our website

We’ll be happy to help you by setting up a special zoom conference just for you!!! This has been an exciting journey. As we reach out, sharing our gifts and talents, no one has to feel alone in their homeschooling journey. Together we can make a difference one family at a time.

By joining us your name will be placed in a drawing for the 2015 LDS Homeschool Conference


— 2 MYSTERY PRIZE WINNERS – Value $150 each



For the July Class, click here to go to our “Conferences” page.


Thursday, June 18th: Discovering Your Greatness

In our fast paced world with balancing our life with homeschool, pursuing personal goals, creating a peaceful home and protecting that which is most important; our family from the harmful messages of social media. How can we do it all? This month’s FREE monthly meeting we’ll give you a sneak peek of our July’s mini conference which we’ll cover in depth these common concerns.


Safeguarding Your Home, Protecting Your Family ~ Matt Fletcher

Summer is fast approaching. Usage of mobile devices, T.V. and computers for our children may be more accessible. Join Matt Fletcher (IT Director, Northstar Alarm Services) as he shares simple safety tips and effective software that will help safeguard your family.


Balancing Home & Homeschool ~ ToriAnn Perkey

Dishes? Laundry? Groceries? Is it even possible to still have a life AND have a successful homeschool?

Yes, it is!

You CAN have an amazing homeschool and keep the rest of your life going. It starts with shifting your focus, prioritizing your time, and deciding what is really important. In this class, we’ll talk about ways to organize your homeschool and structure your day to maximize the awesomeness of both your homeschool and the rest of your life.


Discovering Your Greatness ~ Aisake Vuikadavu & Marlene Fletcher

Each of us have a personal life mission. Join Marlene Fletcher & Aisake Vuikadavu as they empower you with inspiring tools that will help you identify your gifts and talents as you discover your greatness. At July’s mini conference, we invite you to bring your child/children 10 years and older. There will be an honored guest who will perform a short Fijian Warrior Dance and share his personal journey in discovering his greatness while using these powerful mentoring skills and training from Innergy Mentoring (Aisake Vuikadavu) & Mothers Who Care (Marlene Fletcher).


When: Friday, June 18th @ 7:30 PM- 9:30 PM

Where: George Mueller Academy – Center for Educational Liberty 121 East State Street Lehi, UT 84043

Registration for July’s mini conference is available now. For more information about our mini conferences click here.


April 17th, Friday: Education Fair

The Homeschool Support Group is excited to host the very first ever “Education Fair” in Utah with a 100% volunteer effort from everyone involved!

With the generosity of each school/program volunteering their time to share with parents their education choices and with the help of George Mueller Academy – Center for Educational Liberty this has been made possible!

It is truly amazing what we can accomplish together, in uniting our efforts to empower, inform, and inspire homeschooling families, while making meaningful connections. Here you will have an opportunity to ask your questions directly to the schools/programs and interact with them all at one single event.

Although our homeschooling experience looks very different in each family’s home, one thing we do have in common is our precious time. We hope this event will save you time and provide you with the necessary information as you consider your child’s/children’s education this fall.

Look who’s participating! My Tech High, George Mueller Academy – Center for Educational Liberty, Aspire Scholar Academy, STRIVE, Athenian eAcademy, Rise Up Academy, Thomas Nelson Leadership Academy, Glen J Kimber Academy, Liahona Academy, American Heritage School, Harmony Educational Services, Williamsburg Academy, Leadership Education Academy, Family Leadership Academy, Utah Military Academy, and Inquiry Academy. 

Please feel free to check back frequently as our attending schools/programs will be updated. If there is a school/program that is not listed and you have complete contact information, we will be happy to invite them personally to our event. Please email the school’s/program’s complete contact information to Marlene Fletcher on our contact page.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Location: George Mueller Academy – Center for Educational Liberty 121 East State Street Lehi, UT 84043



For the March Class, click here to go to our “Conferences” page.



February 19: The Power To Do


The Homeschool Support Group is pleased to announce that ToriAnn Perkey & Allison Richardson will be our featured guests at our next monthly mtg. Thursday, February 19th @ 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM.

Homeschool days can be crazy and unpredictable. But you don’t have to feel like you live in a daily whirlwind. Join ToriAnn as she shares a few tips on how to transform your mornings from chaos to calm — and create a routine that creates the potential for an awesome day.Are high school transcripts, college applications, ACT tests and scholarships on your mind now? Do you have a child 13 years or older? Join Allison as she empowers you that it’s never too early or too late to have a plan in place. She makes it look so simple because she says, “It’s not that hard.”

Just like everything in life, knowledge is power and with ToriAnn & Allison’s experience, you’ll have the power to do.

This event is FREE however space is limited.

Although we have presenters, the majority of this meeting will be a social affair. A chance to mix and mingle with other homeschoolers in your area. Please bring a snack to share. Please indicate what you’ll be bringing when you register on Eventbrite to ensure there is a variety of snacks available.

******Registration Closes the Day Before******
(So we can make sure all the details are taken care of!)

In order to focus on YOU, please leave children at home. Babes in arms are welcome.

As always, feel free to contact us with your questions. Click here to go to our “Contact” page.


First Things First: Taking care of You

The holidays will be approaching and the cold weather will soon set in. Do you feel a little more anxious or blue during this time of year?

Does thinking about shopping, work parties, dinner parties, Christmas presents, family traditions, get togethers and homeschooling overwhelm you?

Relax … you’re not alone!

Join us as I share with you tips and ideas about simplifying your life, letting go and living life with greater peace, and inspiring you to enjoy your holiday season with those you love. In addition, we will be doing a structural stretching class that I designed to help you feel relaxed and supported.

Experience for yourself the immediate benefits of aroma therapy and learn simple massage and relaxation techniques that will help you breathe deeper, think clearer and become more in tune with what your body needs. Allowing you to truly start taking care of you!

Getting Started–Homeschooling Basics

Have you been thinking about homeschooling as an option for your children, but don’t know where to start?

Are you new to homeschooling and feeling overwhelmed with the wide array of available choices?

This class presents a step-by-step process in how to begin choosing your child’s/children’s curriculum, briefly go over the different philosophy and teaching styles.

Ready, Set, Go: Working Backwards to Move Forward–Creating Your Homeschool Vision, Goals, and Plan

Do you ever feel guilt, fear, or worry about the direction your homeschool is taking?

Are you just starting as a homeschooler and don’t know where to begin?

Have you been homeschooling for awhile but can’t find the fire that got you going in the first place?

This class talks about how to create a vision for your homeschool so that you can craft goals and a plan that move your children forward and upward. You can release yourself from fear and guilt–the two deadly homeschool demons that sit on the shoulders of so many homeschool moms and dads.

Getting Organized Amid the Chaos

* Are your shelves overflowing with homeschool books and materials that you can’t keep track of?

* Is your email full of “saved” homeschool ideas that you can’t remember?

* Would you like to have ONE place to keep records, pictures, papers, videos, projects that your kids do–and be able to search through it all?

Join us for The Homeschool Support Group class “Getting Organized Amid the Chaos.” Learn how to use free software (Evernote) to help you organize all of your homeschool materials, supplies, ideas, books, resources, and records. Following this class you will be able to–

* Collect emails, websites, online videos, and more into one searchable location.

* Create a master electronic record-keeping scrapbook with audio, video, images, and papers for each kid.

* Catalog all your homeschool resources–books, videos, music, manipulatives, games, and more . . .

* Save, access and search all this information on all your devices–phone, tablet, and computer.

September 18: Ask a Homeschool Parent (Panel Q&A)

The best way to learn about homeschooling is to talk to an experienced homeschooler! Ideas, encouragement, support–that’s what a conversation has to offer. You can also get a REAL idea of what homeschooling is like–the good, the ugly, and the every-day difficulties and awesomeness. Now imagine you could get several in a room together and ask them all the same question . . .

This month for Homeschool Support Group, we will have a panel of experienced homeschool parents ready to answer YOUR questions about homeschooling. Submit your questions when you RSVP. The questions will be planned — but the answers will be spontaneous and real! Join us we laugh and learn together.
In order to focus on the panel, please leave children at home. Babes in arms are welcome. Due to our venue’s restrictions, we will not be providing refreshments this month.

August 21 — Let’s Play with Math and Science (Resource Roundtable)

Want to make math and science a little more fun this year?

Join us this month at The Homeschool Support Group as we collectively showcase fun math and science toys, games, and activities.

This is a chance to have a hands-on experience with what you may have been curious to purchase. This is not a sales event! Just moms who want to share with you the resources they’ve found to make math and science come alive in their homeschool.

Thursday, August 21

7:00 to 9:00 pm

held at George Meuller Academy in Lehi

RSVP for address


Just a sampling of the many items that will be on display:


  • Magformers
  • Zometools
  • Snap Circuits
  • Judy Clock
  • Little Bits
  • Widgets


  • Rush Hour
  • Sumoku
  • 7ate9
  • Set
  • Zeus on the Loose


  • Life of Fred
  • Sir Cumference Series
  • Greg Tang Books
  • “I Love Math” series