We feel strongly that all homeschoolers benefit when they get the support they need. Here’s a little bit about those of us who have been instrumental in creating this group.

marleneMarlene Fletcher

Marlene Fletcher is the President and founder of the Homeschool Support Group. She owns several businesses. Her life’s mission is to inspire, empower & create, no matter where she may be. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and Structural Integration Practitioner (SIP). She travels frequently sharing her passion, of how to be happier and healthier in a natural way. Marlene has served on several Executive PTA boards and was the director of radKIDS (child safety empowerment program) at her children’s school. She is a certified radKIDS instructor, empowering over 1,000 children! She has presented at BYU Women’s Conference, and various homeschool conferences, including LDS Homeschool Conference, Winter Homeschool Conference and Called to Learn University. She has been educating families for nearly 20 years and is currently homeschooling. She is married to Matthew Fletcher. They have 4 sons and together they strive to inspire their children to not only learn, but to have a love for learning and make it a life-long habit.


Lily Herrmann (Family Support Director)

     Lily Sunshine Herrmann was raised in Texas and had the pleasure of receiving an Associate’s Degree from Ricks College (now BYU-Idaho) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from The University of Texas at Arlington.  After several years of working as a tax professional and in lieu of pursuing a formal MBA, she started and built a professional photography business in both Texas and California for 9 years.
     Lily and her husband Aaron (from Upstate New York) met in Utah and have been married for 22 years.  They have had the joy of living in Texas, Northern California, and the most recent decade in Orem, Utah.  She has been homeschooling her children for the past 6 1/2 years.  Her adorable children are Adam, who is almost 15 and starting 10th grade, and Genevieve, who is 13 years old and starting 8th grade this fall.  When they are not enjoying their ever-changing homeschool journey together, they like hanging out with their 2 darling dogs and 1 bird, going camping, riding ATVS, planting a garden, playing board games, hosting fun events, and making friends!
     Lily has had the fun opportunity of starting up and running several businesses after working for years in the accounting industry as a tax professional.  She is passionate about helping families find comfort and joy in the process of homeschooling (notice the word PROCESS)!  She is a lively extrovert with lots of energy, feels a great joy in life, and LOVES meeting new people!  As her husband always says, “Strangers are just friends that Lily has not met yet!”
     Lily says the following, “I am overjoyed with the amazing opportunity to serve with The Homeschool Support Group.  I love to share what I have learned to help others in their journey!  Please feel free to share with me (or the other Directors) what you need and how we can help you! I know that we can connect you with the right resources to make your homeschooling journey more successful and satisfying!”


Cristina's Profile Picture

Cristina Granados (Community Director)

Cristina has been homeschooling for 12 years and has loved every minute of it. She has made it a priority to create fun and engaging learning opportunities for other children with similar interests to come and join her own. Some of these activities have included sports clubs, Pokémon club, park days, Merit Badge POW Wows, Spanish Immersion classes, PE classes, science classes, and many other small learning co-ops.

When her oldest son entered the high school years, she invested a great deal of her spare time and efforts researching what it takes to homeschool high school, college admissions requirements for homeschoolers, scholarship opportunities, and much more.

She loves sharing with others everything that she has learned through the years about teaching children at home. She believes homeschooling allows children the opportunity to find their passions and to have the time to develop their talents and interests without the stress of hectic schedules.


Danielle Huff 03282017

Danielle Huff (Community Activities Director)

Danielle Huff first discovered homeschooling just before her oldest went to kindergarten, and has never turned back!

Experiential Learning is what she loves! She grew up learning about D-Day on the beaches of Normandy and the Italian Renaissance in Florence. She has lived in nine different countries and learned nine languages.

In homeschooling, she strives to create hands-on experiences for her own children as well as those in her classes.

Danielle is the founder of 4D Learning Academy. She loves to inspire because it’s the best way to learn. She has been teaching community Lego classes for a decade. She has taught Lego Art, Lego Engineering, Lego US History, Lego Robotics and more! Each year, her classes fill to capacity at the Spanish Fork Youth Arts Festival. She loves to inspire her students and especially her children. One way of doing this is to go on tons of field trips! She and her family love having educational experiences together! She loves to inspire those around her!